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Yamachi - Kissing You Shigerugal 12 Digimon: Franchise, not helped by the few female characters having small roles and the males showing little interest in the females even if the females may have feelings for them. And those rookie level Digimon are gosh dang adorable. There's justification in that, out of two films , eight video games, an Alternate Reality Game , and two graphic novels, there are maybe ten female characters. A password will be e-mailed to you.

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She was wearing a cute blue dress, and had a small red rose in her hair. Digimon Digimon Adventure drawings comic. Axis Powers Hetalia , thanks to there being far more males than females and the continual Ho Yay Ship Tease throughout the series at least according to the fandom. Sure Pokemon had one awesome theme song, but Digimon has plenty. Most of the protagonists in RWBY are female, therefore most people who want to write shipfic will probably resort to this.

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Overall, Het Is Ew rules the day in Yuri!!! Rarely this also applies to the women, usually by authors too kind-hearted to give them the usual treatment. Everything's possible, even twincest with characters like Kanon and Saga who are hugely popular. Husband and Husband Part 2. Even without the at-times hilariously unsubtle Ho Yay or Les Yay in the case of part 6 , the huge imbalance in the number of male vs.

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Local BFs caught hanging out: Bikini Bottom is the gay district without any appearance from Sandy Cheeks whatsoever. For a while, like the Merlin example below, it was a fairly peaceful multi-ship fandom.

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It's mostly a joke In fairness, one of them Holtzmann is clearly coded as being lesbian and Word of God states that she would have been outright confirmed as such had Executive Meddling not intervened, but little is suggested about the other three. This is so ubiquitous that when the all-male Spear Counterpart SideM came out, any of the boys from earlier games that made their way in without a pairing quickly got one with the new idols. Powerful Digimon can fuse to become giant mech-like monsters.